About Rapi

In mid-2015, Prof. Shin-Jie Lee spearheaded an initiative at the Computer and Network Center in NCKU, Taiwan, resulting in the creation of SideeX. This innovative project was later rebranded as Rapi in 2023. The second generation, SideeX 2, was released in September 2017. In the same month, Selenium embraced SideeX 2 as the base for developing Selenium IDE V3. The source code was promptly committed to the official Selenium IDE Github repository, as announced by Simon Stewart, Selenium Lead Committer, during SeleniumConf Berlin 2017. Subsequently, SideeX 2 became the basis for Katalon Recorder, Qualys Browser Recorder, and Autify Recorder. At present, SideeX has been rebranded as Rapi and is undergoing active development with continuous updates.

The Rapi proejct is sponsored by NCKU, NSTC, and MOE in Taiwan.

Get in touch with us at rapitest.service@gmail.com or reach out to the project lead, Prof. Shin-Jie Lee.